Sourcing and Supplying all your Connector needs

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AMG Distributors takes all the stress and hassle out of buying your electrical components. We have a very experienced technical team that can help you with any queries you have in relation to your connectors and accessories. Not only that we can help you with all aspects of your project, from connectors, pins to tooling we can also assist getting your cable assemblies and looms made up for the electronic industry.

We also supply IEC leads to the Medical Industry.

These leads are proudly manufactured in Australia and can be designed to cater for a range of markets.

If the item you require is a stock line, there are no large minimum order requirements or large pack sizes to contend with, we are more than happy to break packs. If it is something that we do not stock and the Minimum order requirements are too large we will endeavour to do what we can to get you the quantities that you are after.

We offer hassle free delivery. We are happy to use your nominated courier or we use our couriers for one fee per order.

If there is anything we can do to help with your requirements feel free to send us an email.